your perceptions are just that — an incomplete picture of an unknowable reality

Welcome to the first moment of the rest of your life.

The past is an illusion - your memories, only stories, of a life that you did not choose, and is not your own.

For you, as you are now, have come into being in this moment. Your agency over your life exists only in the present. The past is immutable, unchangeable, a story of a life lived by someone else.

Your own story begins today, in this moment, and right now.

The future is an illusion - an expectation of another reality that the illusion of memory induces you…

futuristic garden city
futuristic garden city

Xurthas awoke. Gently but firmly opening his eyes, tuning back into the myriad of sensory input that lapped at the shore of his mind, first like the gentle waves of a calm, outgoing tide. He stepped forward with his mind into the ocean and in a moment — he was submerged. He was awake, sitting in an upright position on the soft cushion, itself resting in the corner of a heated, smooth floor which was gradually pulsating through blue-green hues. It’s pace was slow, it’s intended purpose was to soothe, and relax.

The full length windows on two out of…

Concept art of cognition represented by light in a ghostly human head
Concept art of cognition represented by light in a ghostly human head
God’s Eye View of a Human Mind

The room he sat within was drab and grey, the straw mattress on which he lay blackened with years of caked grime. He looked around the room while contemplating the unhappy mess he had made of his life. His thoughts were intermittently interrupted, even drowned out by the pain in his right arm which ranged from a dull, heavy ache which — sometimes — he could ignore, to a screaming, white hot pain during which he could do nothing but roll around in the needles and filth in which he lay — until it passed.

His arm did not look…

Xavier Stachowiak

Temporal diode in the reality continuum

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